Edinboro community gift certificates

How to Purchase:
• Online via PayPal (complete the payment form to the right or below if viewing on mobile)
• At the Borough office, 124 Meadville St. (in person or through the mail)

What They Are:
The Edinboro Community and Economic Development (ECED) committee now offers Edinboro-area gift certificates!  The certificates can be spent at any business with a physical location in the General McLane School District that registers for the program. Participating businesses are listed on this page. If you are interested in accepting these Gift Certificates at your business, please submit this form to Jason at the below contact info.

How They Work:
• Gift certificates can be redeemed at any of the participating businesses listed on this page.
• The gift certificates are to be used in full and you CANNOT carry a balance or receive cash back. Therefore, you must use the full amount of the gift certificate in one transaction.
Because the full amount of the certificate must be redeemed at once, gift certificates are only sold in two amounts, $10 or $25. Multiple certificates can be purchased to add up to a larger amount.
• The business who receives the gift certificate as a form of payment is to take it as if it were cash.
• After accepting gift certificates, business owners can either drop off or mail to the Borough office at 124 Meadville Street for reimbursement.
• The ECED will provide reimbursement via check within 5 working days.

Jason Spangenberg
Borough of Edinboro
Borough Manager
814-734-1812 x 123

Complete the below payment form to purchase gift certificates online. Certificates only come in the amount of $10 or $25. A $45 purchase would receive one $25 and two $10 certificates, for example.

We will contact you at the email address you provide to determine if you will pick up your certificates or if they need mailed. The Edinboro community thanks you for your purchase!

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